How to solve the problem of “damaged hair”

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How to solve the problem of “damaged hair” from dyeing your hair to shine again. Many people believe People likely to have problems with dyeing their hair often. Because of dyeing their hair. or frequently bleaching hair. It often results in dry hair and split ends. and very easily damage. Which is already waste. It’s difficult to fix the team. In this post. I would like to pick up a solution for damaged hair from ufabet such problems and recommend everyone to try to fix it.

How to solve “damaged hair” problems from dyeing hair

  1. Nourish your hair before coloring your hair : Whoever dyes your hair. The first thing you need to do is to ferment your hair treatment. Which can be used instead of hair conditioner and every time. Before washing your hair. Should use cold pressed coconut oil to hair first.
  2. Stop using heat: after coloring We should not use too much heat on the hair. Both using a hair dryer, straightening and curling your own hair.
  3. Cut off the ends of the hair: Cut off the damaged ends of the hair. Will help prevent split ends even more.
  4. Vitamin Biotin : Vitamin Biotin including the zinc And magnesium will make our hair come back strong again.
  5. Leave some coloring time: You should leave a new hair color for 3-5 months and always take care of your hair.
  6. You should only bleach your hair once: because bleaching your hair many times will hurt your hair. and scalp too May cause hair to shock, hair gel and very dry and damaged. 
  7. should be washed with shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair : Which is a product specially made for bleached hair. It will prevent your hair from turning yellow. Keep the color tone beautiful for a long time. and deeply nourishes the damaged hair from bleaching Ready to create a shield to prevent hair damage to the inner core.

I lost a lot! From bleaching my hair, how to get rid of it?

1. Don’t wash your hair too often.

May sound like a very unclean person. But it’s true. because washing your hair every time in addition to washing away the dirt We have to wash away all the natural oils. makes my hair dry and fluffy all the time Especially if someone washes their hair and then has to blow their hair every time. because the power of destruction is equally cruel The best way is to leave the time of washing your hair for 3-4 days and then use the shampoo to fix the scrub first. But if it’s not necessary, you don’t have to use it, it will work better.

2. Use leaf-on when hair is wet.

Most of us will use a hair conditioner called Leave On when the hair is dry. to make hair soft and smooth in an instant But for people who have bleached their hair so hard that their hair is thin and breaks very easily. It is necessary to apply hair serum when the hair is still damp. Because when the hair is wet and the hair cuticles are still open, the hair serum penetrates easily. In addition, if left to dry even though the hair has not been treat.The hair will become tangled, making it difficult to comb, risking even more damage to the hair.

3. Give me sunscreen!

This is not a joke and does not refer to any man. But I’m spoiled. from bleaching our hair. Because the condition is dry and brittle. It’s already enough for me. Therefore, being exposed to the sun get more UV rays. Do you know that it can hurt me as well? It’s a good idea to try spraying a sun protection spray on your hair or wearing a hat, an umbrella, and a veil when you’re out in the sun, especially in Thailand.