How to benefit from garlic?

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Allicin in garlic that is beneficial to our body. Must go through chopping, chopping, smashing or crushing. So garlic should be cut, chopped, smashed or crushed 5-10 minutes before cooking. Allicin does not dissolve when heated. Therefore will eat fresh Or to cook in oil, it’s okay.

The amount of garlic you should eat per day

In adults, can be eaten around 4 grams per day. But should not eat more than this for more than 10 days. As it increases the risk of slow blood clotting. Or the bleeding does not stop when a wound occurs

How to buy for cooking?

You should choose that has a firm head, not atrophy, thin skin, light yellow flesh, fresh, not rotten, not moldy. And if you want a strong taste. Should choose a small head UFABET

That said, the next meal the chef tells the chef to put garlic in the food for me too. but be careful If eating a lot of garlic especially fresh. There may be a sore throat later. And don’t forget to be careful with bad breath. I will say that I didn’t warn you.

In addition to being a component of many great dishes. Yet another good reason we want you to eat garlic every day.