Crystal Palace 1-0 Man Utd: Red Devils defeat at the end

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Crystal Palace 1-0 Man Utd: Red Devils defeat at the end of the curtain call Premier League 2021/22

Wilfried Zaha score a goal as Aston Villa beat Manchester United in the last game of the Premier League this season, sending the Red Devils to a six-match away defeat in the league. Report from UFABET

Palace took the lead 1-0 in the 37th minute when Wilfried Zaha rested the ball in the top half before dribbling into the penalty area to drag away Diogo Dalot and Victor Lin. Delov slashed the most intelligent way that David de Gea would save and ended the first half with that score.

The visiting team became more active in the second half. But it is also the hosts who have a more commensurate offensive game than chasing them from Conor Gallagher’s ball. Which is just slightly out of the box, while the Red Devils have a good win from Hannibal Maeb. Ri from a firing range. But was save by Guita.

The rest of the time, no team scored more goals and end the game with such a score, sending Palace to finish 12th in the table. While Manchester United entered the stop. Sixth-placed West Ham United with a better goal scorer to secure the UEFA Europa League quota for next season.

Despite being a game in which Alex Telles is not very prominent in the offensive game. But in defense, he is the one who maintains the best playing standards of the Red Devils.

The Brazilian left-back ended the game at Selhurst Park with a record of becoming the player who touched the ball most on the field (91 times) and was Players with the most wins in three tackles (equivalent to Scott McTominay, Diogo Dalot and Anthony Elanga)

While the games in the Etihad Stadium and Anfield are contenders for a deflection. We believe that the Red Devils disciples can only sigh. Shaking up with the game of the love team at Selhurst Park,

Ralph Rangnick’s team can only support on days. When there is no quota to win. Coy Erik ten Hag, the new manager, was also watching the game in the stands today. Many players perform below the standard. The gameplay is still unclear. A completely idle state of mind is a problem awaiting the Dutch boss in the near future.