Fiorentina agent claims Torreira will not leave Arsenal permanently

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Fiorentina agent claims Torreira will not leave Arsenal permanently

Lucas Torreira agent Pablo Bentancur has revealed the reason. Why his player is unable to make a permanent move to Fiorentina. in the summer The Italian club failed to pay the agreed wages and fees. According to UFABET.

The Uruguay national team star was loan to Muang Mahakan for a season. He has done a great job becoming a key player in the team. Makes news that the club wants to buy this summer. with a value of 15 million euros or 12.6 million pounds

However, Bentancur told reporters that Arsenal had turned down an offer from Fiorentina as they tried to negotiate a lower fee. including the wages of the players as well

“The fundamental problem is that Lucas is a player. Who was paid a higher salary at Arsenal than he was at Fiorentina. When we agreed on a £1.2million loan last summer. I was told from English clubs that Fiorentina would not pay this if Lucas had play at least 25 games. With an option to buy €15 million (about £12.6 million). Which would be divided into six installments. 2.5 million euros or 2.1 million pounds until 2025”

“We have agreed that FIO will pay the first installment next season €2.7 million or £2.1 million a year, however, they now want to reduce the salary and cost of players for the transfer. We can’t accept that, neither we nor Arsenal can accept that. Lucas is now contract to the club until 2023.”

“He loved Florence, e was very disappoint. He was disappoint with the behavior of the club. It’s not about football or the city, I’m always repeating that he’s in love with Florence.