Mourinho says the Conference League final is no different

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Mourinho says the Conference League final is no different from the Champions League for Roma.

Roma boss Jose Mourinho says the Europa Conference League final for them is no different from the Champions League final. Report from UFABET

Roma are set to play in their first European Championship game since 1991, and this is the first Conference League final. Which has been held for the first time this season, with Roma. Ma will face Feyenoord. Who will play in the final in Albania.

“They (Feyenoord) went through a lot of difficult opponents. For example, the semi-final game against Olympic Marseille at the Stade Veldrome has a great history in European football. So we need to be aware of this. Every final is something 50:50 but we will do our best to make it 51:49 and it will happen during the games. not before the game It will be footballer’s day. where there is little support for us and our staff.”

“I am a coach who knows the history of the Roma club. This is a big club I feel the responsibility of the team to lead the team to the big tournament. For the Conference League, it’s no different from the Champions League final. This is the game we are going to play. The final of the European football game where the club has been away for a very long time.”

Roma have not won any trophies since winning the Coppa Italia in 2008.