Pep reiterates that invasion of Real Madrid is not revenge.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes Tuesday’s Champions League visit to Real Madrid is not a revenge. After being knocked out last year.

Back in last year, Manchester City met Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League playoffs. With the first match in England Man City winning first 4-3. While the second match Madrid won 2-1 back. Making it necessary to play in overtime and appeared to be “White King” scored a goal to win 3-1. Making it to the finals. And won the championship by defeating Liverpool 1-0. 

Pep talks about facing Real Madrid in the semi-finals again. And was the visiting party first in the first match on Tuesday, May 9. Saying “We didn’t come here to take revenge. What happened happened in the past. It would be a huge mistake to think like that.” UFABET

“The lesson we can learn is to learn a bit about what happened to get a good result. And keep doing a good job tomorrow (Tuesday) to help give us a chance to reach the final when we play in Manchester.”

“This is completely different from last season. It didn’t happen last season because we played against Real Madrid and they knew what to do. But the more we play with them, the more we learn.”

“A year later we are here again. and after what happened last season It’s a good point for us,” said the sailor.