Saka submits an ultimatum to Arsenal contract

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Saka submits an ultimatum to Arsenal contract

British media reports indicate that Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka is ready to negotiate a new contract with the team. Just have to put a new release clause into the contract as well.

The 20-year-old winger is contracted to Arsenal until mid 2024 and has been a key player in the squad for the rest of the season. Which if he plays in the last game of the season. That will make him the only player on the team to feature in every Premier League game this season. He has 11 goals, 6 assists in the Premier League this year.

Arsenal have been linked with a new contract with him since mid-season. But there was only talking. While the player admits he wants to play in the Champions League, Arsenal now have a high chance of missing out on another season of European football. And that makes renewing a new contract a problem.

According to UFABET reports, If a new contract is renewed, Saka calls for a release clause. Go into the details of the new contract as well. So he can move for an amount that both he and Arsenal are satisfie

with in the event of an offer from another club coming in to buy him. And he wants to join the team as well.