Summary of the English Premier League season 2021/22

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Summary of the English Premier League season 2021/22

The scene is already close for football. The English Premier League season 2021/22 and here’s a summary of the long and exciting season that has just end. Report from UFABET

Champions League: Manchester City
Champions League quota: Manchester City, Liverpool , Chelsea , Tottenham Hotspur 
UEFA Europa League quota: Arsenal , Manchester Lester United
Europa Conference League Quotas: West Ham
relegated: Burnley, Watford, Norwich
Promoted: Fulham, Bourne Matt, Huddersfield or Nottingham Forest

Call to be measure until the last second of the season to find a clear conclusion in the battle for different areas, starting with the relegation that Leeds United managed to defeat Brentford to survive. Can be in the next season as Burnley opened the home defeat to Newcastle, causing to be relegate.

As for the sixth-placed area, West Ham were almost squeeze up. But Brighton’s three-goal shot in a row ended up winning 3-1, meaning that even if the Red Devils lost. They were still good enough to hold onto the Europa League. Can sent to the Hammers to be able to play in the Conference League next season instead

of the 4th place, although Arsenal will attack Everton up to 5-1, but it is not enough to send them to play Champions League because Spurs also beat Norwich.

And in the end, the championship title. Which during the game must said to be the most exciting. Flipping over. Which in the end, Manchester City can shoot over Aston Villa to come back to win 3-2, allowing them to win the championship without having to wait for the result at Ann that field

Other interesting season stats

– Top scorer – Son Heung Min / Mohamed Salah (23)
– Leading assist – Mohamed Salah (13)
– Golden Gloves – Alisson Beck Guerr / Ederson (20)

– Teams with most goals: Manchester City (99)
– Teams with fewest goals: Norwich (23)
– the most goals: Norwich (84)
– fewest goals conceded Best: Man City / Liverpool (26)
– Team with most clean sheets: Liverpool / Man City (21)
– Team with most shots: Liverpool (729)
– More own goals. Best: Everton (5)
– most shots against the crossbar: Man City (24)
– bookings: Leeds (100)
– Team with most red cards: A Everton (6)